Hustai National Park (HNP) is an area of scientific interest due to its vegetation and geographic features. It includes an area of ancient remnant deciduous forest. The southwestern corner of the Khentii Mountain region comes into contact with some of the characteristic elements of the Central Asian desert steppe. One important purpose of HNP is to become an international research center based on the unique natural environment of the park. As a result, with the assistance of park researchers, the Research and Training Unit organizes a wide variety of training in cooperation with international universities and institutions.

     Training categories

The following six types of training are provided:

- Internal training for HNP staff

- External training for other organizations

- Student practice and practicums

- Summer camps

- Eco-volunteer programs

     Internal training for HNP staff

     To help ensure park staff keep current on research conducted by HNP biologists, including methodologies and results, training is provided on the following topics:

- Hustai National Park Trust, including its purpose and goals

- Takhi reintroduction

- Flora: vegetation types, pastures, bio-productivity changes and factors and approaches to address challenges

- Fauna: species, biodiversity, population numbers, distribution, abundance and factors and approaches to address challenges

- Laws related to HNP conservation


     External training for other organizations

     HNP researchers provide training to representatives of Mongolian and foreign universities and research institutions on topics such as Mongolian natural zones and flora and fauna species and their characteristics. This training is also provided to tour company guides.

     Student practice and practicums

     A total of 300 students have completed their placements and practicums in HNP. Students come from Mongolian academic institutions such as: the Mongolian State University of Education, Mongolian State University of Life Sciences, National University of Mongolia and Mongolian State University. To date, the HNPT has hosted 60 international students from 10 countries.


Summer camps

     HNP hosts a number of summer camps. The camps are funded through a variety of international and national entities including the Snow Leopard Fund Non-Governmental Organization, Miami University (“Earth Expedition”), Zoological Society of London, Steppe Forward Programme and National University of Mongolia.