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     Hustai National Park (HNP) management is based on achieving the following six goals, all of which support the park’s mission to achieve a sustainable population of endangered wild Przewalski’s horses while conserving the park’s ecosystem in a manner that includes the active involvement of local people, enhances knowledge of conservation management and enriches visitor experiences through eco-tourism, which in turn, provides financial support for the park.

  1. Reintroduce Przewalski’s horses and establish a population that can live in the wild without human intervention.

  1. Protect endangered species and plants by creating beneficial and suitable habitat.

  1. Organize comprehensive long-term studies of the park’s landscapes; ecosystems; plant and animal species, populations, and communities; and develop science-based conservation management.

  1. Develop eco-tourism, making it a reliable source of income for the benefit of conservation.

  1. Develop community-based conservation to help improve the livelihood of local people.

  1. Protect archaeological sites.