Protection unit


    The Protection Unit’s focus is implementing protection of nature and the environment legislation. This will prevent environmental degradation and destruction by detecting and then stopping the offenses.  Also they are responsible for the internal order of their organization. As written in law, the SPA 1 ranger`s responsible area is 50000 ha. Hustai National Park has 12 rangers to help conserve and protect this important habitat. They are responsible to protect an area of 4000 ha, we created the peaceful and pleasant habitat for animals and need to keep it hospital to these animals.

      Ranger’s equipments

      Four season`s complete uniform, motorcycle, horse, air gun, knob stick, walki-talkie, workbag, GPS for every rangers.

      Inspection, patroling, training and cooperation

    Protection team organizing daily patrols and inspections in their area, they also engage in contractual agreements with soum, provincial environmental authorities, law enforcement agencies, specialized inspection agencies and traffic police, identifying offenses, attempts of offenses. The protection team cooperating with Professional insfection agency, General Prosecutor office, General Police Department and Red cross Society. These organizations are organizing training for us.

      Environmental Offenses   

     There are many offenses against the environment and their types depend on the season.  In spring many people come into the park who want to find red deer antlers to sell and make money.  This period is most dry season in Mongolia, forest and steppe fire can occur. In order to protect the ecosystem and the animals, there is a high fine is someone trespasses and is caught poaching.  In July to September the number of poachers increases. At this time, their main target is marmot. Our protection team has stopped marmot poachers from entering the park for the moment. In winter from the buffer zone`s horses are coming into park and our rangers push away them from the park.