Hustai National Park lies in the proximity of Ulaanbaatar. It takes a two-hours drive to reach the main entrance at the north of the park. Details: Hustai resort located in Tuv province Argalant soum, 82 km far from Ulaanbatar to west. 13 km.

- The road to “Hustai” tourist camp from the main road even there has not any big barrier its so bumpy;

- It is very difficult to have a small, non-powered car coming in winter when the snow is cold, spring floods and summer rainy season;

- It's dangerous to ride if you do not drive carefully through the sandy passageway;

- The road to the Khustai tourist camp is quite good, but the wildlife, historical and cultural sightseeing destinations are located in the south of the base, long and short journeys, both within and between 30-100 km. You should estimate your car`s capacity fuel;

- It is not possible to get a large bus on the "Khustai" tourist camp to protected area, in this case you should order the car which can ride inside the park;

+ Mid-sized and large-sized Jeeps can ride inside the park barrier-free any season.