Hustai National Park (HNP) is located at 47° 35’ - 47° 52’ NL and 105° 40’ -106° 37’ EL. HNP belongs to a forested mountain steppe zone of Hentiin Nuruu, situated 100 km west of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The south part of the park penetrates the Tuul River basin. This park occupies 50.6 ha of land that is 26 km long (from N to S) and 34 km wide (from E to W). HNP covers areas of three soums, Argalant, Altanbulag and Bayanhangai of the Tov province. The 2.5 km long Moltsog els sand dunes are part of the Argalant soum and is included in the protected zone of the park.