Brief History of Hustai National Park Establishment

   Mongolia has declared internationally that it wants to conserve up to 30 percent of its territory, specifically supporting its biodiversity. Today, 102 special protected areas have been established over an area of 28 million ha, representing 14.86% of the total of the Mongolian territory. Hustai National Park (HNP) is one of those protected areas.

    Reintroducing for the first time the Przewalski’s horse (P-horse Equus ferus przewalskii Groves, 1986) in the wild was the fundamental reason for establishing the park. The State Great Khural (the legislative parliament of Mongolia) declared Hustai National Park a nature reserve (resolution 83) in 1993. The park covers more than 50,000 hectares. Measurable success and valuable conservation outputs since 1992, earned Hustai to be upgraded to a National Park in 1998 (resolution 115).