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   Dear friends, First: Thank you! We are deeply appreciative of your contribution to nature conservation. Hustai National Park Trust (HNPT) is a self funded, non-profit park.  We are only one non-governmental organization and we are responsible for the whole specially protected area and managed without any financial help from the Mongolian government budget. We are dedicated to reintroducing the only living (and last) wild horses in the world, along with protecting the many other endangered fauna and flora species in the park. We are able to do this with through the financial support established through our sustainable ecotourism activity. As you visit our website, you can be an advocate for conservation while using our information to help your business needs. We deeply believe, with your help, Mongolian nature will be safe for generations to come.

Przewalski’s horse: The last and the only species of wild horse in the World

     The Przewalski’s horse Equus ferus przewalskii Groves, 1986 (PH) is considered to be the last and only remaining wild horse species in the world. However, it was extinct in the wild by 1969 and was reintroduced back into the wild in Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan in the 1990s. The species could survive in captivity after 53 foals from the Mongolian Gobi region were successfully shipped to European countries. However, only 12 of them produced foals. Reintroduction started only in 1992 by the import of 16 Przewalski´s horses from the Netherlands to Hustain nuruu in Mongolia in association with the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski Horse and the Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment. During 1992-2000 at five times 84 wild horses from European countries were reintroduced in Hustai National Park. At present 335 individuals of Przewalski’s horses exist in Hustai with 34 breeding harems and more than 80 bachelors compete for the mares. It is the highest number of Przewalski’s horse in the World.

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Hustai National Park

     Pursuant to Mongolia has stated internationally to conserve up to 30 percent of its territory specifically in supporting its biodiversity conservation, today there are 102 state protected areas established with 28 million ha area equal to 14.86% of total territory. One of them is Hustai National Park. Implementing the Przewalski’s horse reintroduction program was the fundamental reason for establishing Hustai National Park. The State Great Khural (the legislative parliament of Mongolia) declared Hustai National Park a nature reserve (resolution 83) in 1993. Initially established for the first reintroduction of the Przewalski’s Horse the park covers more than 50,000 hectares. After the scientific programs being run out of the reserve since 1992 achieved measureable success and provided valuable conservation outputs Hustai was upgraded to a National Park in 1998 (resolution 115).