It has established 102 state protected areas for the preservation and protection of different natural zones. The history and purpose of each state protected area is different depending on the ecosystems, landscapes, communities, flora and fauna. Implementing the Przewalski’s horse reintroduction program was the fundamental reason for establishing Hustai National Park. Therefore, it is important to organize all surveys and research to concentrate on the Przewalski’s horse conservation. Everything must summarize the results and conclusions and how they affect the Przewalski’s horse.


  To organize a wide range of surveys covering all aspects of ecosystems, landscapes, communities, species and populations consequently to develop scientific-based conservation.

     Structure of Research and Training Unit

    There is a total of 7 people on the unit. 1 manager, 1 Przewalski’s horse biologist, 1 wildlife biologist, 1 botanist, 1 IT engineer, 1 eco-volunteer coordinator, 1 Jan Bouman scholarship student. Moreover, there is a scientific council that meets regularly. The scientific council decides whether to review and accept the results of each year's research. They also plan and prioritize the next year’s issues. There are a total of 12 members from the National University Mongolia, Mongolian State University of Life Science, Mongolian State University of Education, and Mongolian Academy of Science, Institution of Botanical Science, and Institution of Livestock Husbandry.