Term and Conditions

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Please follow below rules:

1. Enter the park with permission only.
2. Do not leave the road nad make new one.
3. Don not hunt and catch any wild animals.
4. Do not carry a gun or weapon with you.
5. Do not unearth the ground.
6. Stay at least 200 meters away from the Przewalski horses (takhi).
7. Don’t disturb the Przewalski horses and make loud noise.
8. Don not make light and fire.
from law on Special Protected Areas and rules of Hustai National Park

If you have a time and interest, please visit to local families who are living around our park. They are developing Community Based Tourism to improve their livelihood and protect nature and environment. Your visit will encourage them.
Please find out more about them and their products from the Information Center.

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Flowers of Hustai National Park

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Birds of Hustai National Park

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Przewalski's horse Coming to Mongolia

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