Scientific board

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Scientific Board to evaluate the researches done at the park and to give recommendations and new methodologies.

Members of the Scientific Board

Prof.Dr N.Bandi
Director of Hustai National Park Trust, Chairman of the Scientific Board
Prof.Dr B.Bayartogtokh
National University of Mongolia
Faculty of Biology
Msc N.Batsaikhan
National University of Mongolia

Dr. B.Boldgiv
National University of Mongolia
Department of Ecology

Prof.Dr Sh.Boldbaatar
Scientist of Biological Institute, Academy of Sciences
Dr. S.Dulamtseren
Consultant of Biological Institute, Academy of Sciences
зураг Dr. B.Lkhagvasuren
Laboratory Dean of Biological Institute, Academy of Sciences
Prof.Dr. Kh.Munkhbayar
Head of Ecological Center, SUE
Dr. T. Tuvshintogtokh
Director of Botanical Institute, AS
Prof.Dr. J.Undarmaa
Director of Ecosystem Research Center, Agricultural University
Dr. N. Tsogtbaatar
Director of Geo-Ecological Institute, AS
Pro.Dr. S.Tserendash
Director of Institute of Livestock and Research, Agricultural University
T. Munkhbat
Reseach manager of Hustai National Park Trust, secretary of the Board


  • “Takhi” book which reports scientific articles and reviews of the researches of takhi-reintroduced to Hustain Nuruu and also Takhiin Tal is published every two years. Currently, 9 books have been published.
  • International magazines and presses publish our scientific articles.

We are members


Flowers of Hustai National Park

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Birds of Hustai National Park

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Przewalski's horse Coming to Mongolia

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