International research centre – Hustai

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International research centre – Hustai

Hustai strengthens its capacities and facilities of research and training aiming to broaden at international field researches of ecology, biology and conservation. Hustai National Park is famous for its specific nature combination of steppe, steppe Gobi and biodiversities. The main researches at the parks are first the distribution, density, composition of biodiversities in HNP second ecosystem monitoring third research on the takhi adaptation to the wild in HNP. The researches which have been done at the park are as follows:  

 Long term monitoring

  1. Climate
  2. Plants and vegetation  
  3. Density and location of the wild animals
  4. Growth, fertility rate and behaviors of the takhi
  5. Water balance

Other researches

  1. Contracted researches
  2. Student field researches (students, masters, doctor candidates work in the field for their thesis)   

 The researches done in the past 10 years 

A responsible man collects the climate data and also an automate data recorder works at the research center. It records data in 8 categories three times a week and process all data once a month.

Spring, capacity, component and balance
The spring capacity and component of surface water were studied. Its monitoring continues in collaboration with the Meteorological Institute.

Soil component, features, macro and micro elements and its erosion have been studied.

Plants, vegetation
Vascular plants, moss, lichens, mushroom species, yields and their vegetation cover and pasture type have been studied in HNP and its buffer zone. The monitoring on the impacts of climate changes and big herbivores to vegetation has continued.  

The Przewaslkii Horse
Studies on harem structure, movement, diseases, fertility, home ranges and ethology have been done. 

Long term monitorings of the population and density of red deer, roe deer, white tailed gazelles, grey wolves, yellow fox, corsac fox… etc continue.

Small mammals
Species composition and density of marmots and other small mammals have been studied for last 4 years.  

Migrating and wintering birds in the park were recorded.

Insects, reptiles, amphibians
Most species of insects, reptiles and amphibians of the park recorded.

The surveys for buffer zone residents have been done several times.

The locations of stone monuments and old tombs around the park have been determined. 

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Flowers of Hustai National Park

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Birds of Hustai National Park

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Przewalski's horse Coming to Mongolia

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