Tourism in Hustai National Park

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Developing eco tourism in Hustai National Park is one main goal by the Hustai Center.  Tourism operations consist of the following parts:

  1. Hustai tourist camp
  2. Community based tourism
  3. “Mongolian Gobi” travel

Hustai camp receives 8000 international and 5000 national tourists a year.

What attractions visitors enjoy in Hustai?

     I.  Birch forest, mountain steppe, sand dunes, fresh cool springs, rocks formed like steps and elms

    II.  Mammals, Red deer, white tailed gazelles, marmots, badgers, Roe deer, wild sheep and other wild animals.

   III.  Black storks, great bustards, whooper swans, vultures, lammergeyers, eagles, cranes such rare birds

   IV.  Beautiful rare flowers pink, larkspurs, burnetts, fireweed, buttercups, edelweiss and so on grow in the park.

    V.  Historical monuments

  • Ongot’s man monuments, most counted in the Central Asia.
  • Hunnu’s rectangular tombs
  • Deer stones
  • Man stones
  • Petro-glyph
  • Temple ruins

   VI.  Nomad customs