Mongolian Gobi Tour

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Hustai center is organizing 7-10-day tours as follows:

  1. Sum Khokh Burd. Old stone temple, initiated by Danzaravjaa Dulduit at the small isolated island of the small steppe lake in Adaatsag of Dundgobi; waving reeds in shore; ducks and geese are common in the lake, stone narrow road to the temple over the lake 
  2. Bayan zag. Bulgan of Umnu-Gobi aimag; saxaul trees and shrubs are common plants, flaming reddish ranges and gullies are the real face of Gobi.
  3. Yolyn am. There is a wide ice gully through the box canyons in Gurban Saikhan Mountain. Under the ice cover a mountain fresh spring gurgles.  
  4. Khongor sand. 5 km wide sand dunes continue 180 km from Altai Mountains, narrow stream flows by the foot of the dunes.  
  5. Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall. This Orkhon waterfall falls from 25 meter high, one the beautiful attractions in Mongolia.
  6. Tovkhon Temple. This temple was built at the flat top of rocky mountain. The view from the top of this mountain is wonderful.
  7. Erdene zuu. It was established at the ruins of Kara Korum, old capital of Mongolia, aged 1585 – 1782, 108 Buddha’s white stupas were built around the temples, originally about 500 temples were in Erdenezuu; unfortunately, only 18 of them were left from the communist destroying. This town is the first design of city construction of that time.  
  8. Isolated sand dunes with springs and small plants.
  9. Hustai National Park.


This tour takes 1600-2000 km.

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Flowers of Hustai National Park

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Birds of Hustai National Park

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Przewalski's horse Coming to Mongolia

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