Community Based Tourism

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Herders’ communities receive tourists in the buffer zone of HNP and let them to stay with nomad families experiencing countryside lives. The communities learned quite more experiences of community based tourism during 5 years. Tourists stay in gers.

What customs and cultures of indigenous tourists to experience?

  • Producing sheep skin and making deel (Mongolian dress)
  • Make hobbles of leather
  • Producing milk of sheep, goats, cows and mares
  • Sewing costumes and Buryata boots
  • Twisting wool threads and ropes
  • Knitting felt carpet and rugs  
  • Picking up dried cow’s dung
  • Traditional games of ankle bones
  • Mini Naadam (traditional holiday), moving by ox-cart, and felt making are available booking in advance

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Flowers of Hustai National Park

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