Agreement signed

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The Agreement for the management of Hustai National Park delegated to Hustai National Park Trust for 10 years signed on March 21. 2014 by S.Oyun the Minister of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia and N.Enkhbold the Board Chairman, Hustai National Park Trust (NGO) and followed by T.Erdenechimeg Head of SPADepartment and N.Bandi Director, Hustai National Park Trust. The Government trust us to protect Hustai NP and successful reintroduction of Przewalskii's horse in the country.

Thanks for all of you who contributed their work and time to Hustai NP. From All Staff of Hustai NPT.


Buffer zone activities

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Manager Bayambadorj is advertising contest of "Our involvement in nature conservation" in school children in Altanbulag soum.


Buffer zone activities

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This is Argalant soum kids who won the prize. Every year we organize contest of "Nature conservation in Buffer Zone of Hustai NP" between the schools of Altanbulag, Argalant and Bayankhangai. The goal is to educate ecology and nature conservation to children.


We are members


Flowers of Hustai National Park

20$-р зарагдах энэ номонд ХБЦГ-ын цэцэгс болон Монгол оронд ургадаг ихэнх цэцгийг үзэж болно.

Birds of Hustai National Park

20$-н үнэтэй энэ номноос та ХБЦГ-т байгаа бүх шувуудыг харж болно.

Przewalski's horse Coming to Mongolia

25$-р зарагдах энэ номонд ХБЦГ-т тахь яаж ирсэн талаар бүх зүйлс байгаа.