Hustai tourist resort

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Hustai tourist resort is 100 km far from the Ulaanbaatar city, to the west. The resort is available during a year. In winter it receives 40, in summer 95 tourists. Moilt camp is also available in summer and able to serve 25 visitors per day.

Available services at Hustai resort

Cost free

  • Information center - The center displays photos, scripts, and illustrations on the takhi reintroduction, ecosystems, historical events and operations of Hustai National Park. Our guide gives you detail explanations.
  •  Information and promotions -  Presentations on the wildlife, takhi and plants of HNP in English language are available in the evening.

         -  Documentary films of Mongolian wildlife, HNP, takhi reintroduction, Kulans, wild camels, marmots, red deer and Gobi bears are available as well.

  •  Games
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Soft tennis
  • Badminton 
  • Table tennis
  • Throwing ankle bones
  •  Hiking - We have special routes of adventure hiking. Hike and watch rare birds, wild animals and flowers.

 Cost included

  •  Souvenirs shop - Small takhi souvenirs, presents, books, CDs, flowers album, felt production by local communities and Mongolian costumes. 
  •  Bicycles - Bicycles for rent are available. Enjoy bicycling and watching wild animals, birds and historical tombs.
  •  Horse riding - Horses 15, American saddles
  •  Conference hall - The hall is available for any meeting involving maximum 80 people; all necessary equipment is provided, round designed like a ger.
  •  Sauna
  • Cars - Cars for rent are available. We offer you Russian vans and jeeps.
  •  Reserved meals - The restaurant provides you with Asia and European dishes; reserved meals of traditional khorkhog and boodog are available.
  •  Communication, telephones - Satellite Iridium for international call
  •  Internet    
  • Laundry
  • Snooker billiards



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Flowers of Hustai National Park

20$-р зарагдах энэ номонд ХБЦГ-ын цэцэгс болон Монгол оронд ургадаг ихэнх цэцгийг үзэж болно.

Birds of Hustai National Park

20$-н үнэтэй энэ номноос та ХБЦГ-т байгаа бүх шувуудыг харж болно.

Przewalski's horse Coming to Mongolia

25$-р зарагдах энэ номонд ХБЦГ-т тахь яаж ирсэн талаар бүх зүйлс байгаа.