Best donors to Hustai

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Best donors to Hustai

Number of stakeholders and private sectors are eager to assist in activities of Hustai in all aspects.

  1. The Government of the Royal Netherlands  Since 1993, the Embassy of the Royal Netherlands to Beijing on behalf of the Dutch Government has subsidized the international projects at Hustai National Park to support the conservation of the park ecosystems, capacity building for the park management and development of the sustainable livelihoods of the buffer zone of the park. By now, totally US$10 million have been provided to the park.
  2.  Foundation Reserves for Przewalskii Horse This foundation initiated the reintroduction of the Przewalskii Horse to Hustain Nuruu and provided all expenses of five transportations of 84 takhi to Hustain Nuruu from 1992 to 2000 as well as the researches and field works during the reintroduction. AS the PRPH started a scholarship program named after Jan Bouman in 1997, it sponsors best achieved students to support their education in biology and ecological sciences. Moreover, it has also contributed US$10200 to HNP to support the buffer zone livelihoods since 2008. Last year, in order to strengthen takhi and ecological researches, the foundation contracted with the park to subsidize US$20000 to HNP for 20 years starting in 2009. The PRPH has a delegate in the Board of HNPT to discuss any issues and activities of the Trust. 
  3. Minnesota Zoo, USA, 2003 This zoo supported US$2500 for fund of purchasing motorcycles to improve the working conditions of the park rangers. 
  4.  France Lanting, American photographer, 2000 He donated US$10000 for the renovation fund of Information center. He organized a photo exhibition of Hustai takhi and nature and sold the photos.
  5.  Richard Blame, 2001 Mongolian Consulate to San Francisco, USA subsidized US$10000 to preserve the takhi reintroduced into Hustai National Park in 2001.
  6.  Esuku Takahashi, 2002 NHK producer, he made a documentary film of the HNP. He sponsored the research of takhi bachelors’ behaviors for two years as well.
  7.  Nishimura Mikiy, 2006 He guides Japanese tourists to Hustai every year and donated US$500 for the protection of HNP ecosystems.

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Flowers of Hustai National Park

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Birds of Hustai National Park

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Przewalski's horse Coming to Mongolia

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